All-In or Fold

    AoF Hold'em

    You only have two options: All-In or Fold!

    With only 8 big blind buy-ins, players must decide if they want to move all-in on every hand.

    Choose to go all-in or to fold after seeing your hole cards.
    Hit a Straight Flush to Win the Jackpot!

    AoF Omaha

    The buy-in for Omaha is only 4 big blinds!

    Since you can see the flop before choosing All-in or Fold, Omaha offers you a more action packed version of AoF!

    Choose to go all-in or to fold after seeing the flop.
    Hit a Royal Flush to Win the Jackpot!

    Remove Chips

    Only on AoF tables are players allowed to remove chips from the table at any time.

    AoF Auto Join Lobby

    You can view by selecting either Table View or Player View.

    player view
    table view

    Table View

    Select Table View to choose the room you would like to join.

    This feature is tailored for players who would like to join a room that caters to their tastes.

    Players will be able to quickly preview the selected table to choose one to their liking.

    Player View

    Select the Player View to be seated automatically at a random table.

    This feature is designed for players who wish to skip all the fuss, and rather quickly join a table in order to get in on the action.

    Joining a table has never been so simple.

    Blinds Jackpot Fee
    $5 / $10 (Hold'em) $1
    $4 / $8 (Omaha) $0.60
    $2 / $4 (Hold'em) $0.40
    $1 / $2 (Omaha) $0.15
    $0.50 / $1 (Hold'em) $0.10
    $0.25 / $0.50 (Omaha) $0.03
    $0.10 / $0.25 (Hold'em) $0.02
    *Note: Jackpot is accumulated by taking the Jackpot Fee from each hand played per player.